Wind Crest Farm is a family run farm owned and operated by Gail and Rob Vangelist.


"Our passion is horses. We strive to create a friendly environment in which horses and riders can develop rewarding relationships."



A lifelong horsewoman, gail has over 45 years experience owning, riding, showing, driving, and caring for horses. As a teen, she rode and showed in the Western disciplines, including gymkhana. After working at several farms on the south shore and driving carriage tours in Boston and Salem, MA, Rob and gail realized their dream seventeen years ago and opened Wind Crest Farm.

gail loves fostering the relationship between horses and people and feels that horses provide a powerful therapeutic experience for all blessed to work for or with them.



Rob has been riding since he was a teen and worked as a barn manager for many years. Rob also drove carriages for several years in the Boston area. With a great understanding of horses, Rob ensures that the farm operates smoothly and is a safe and comfortable place for horses and people.


gail and Rob opened Wind Crest Farm 17 years ago in West Newbury, MA. They are parents of 4 grown children and have fostered 7 children over the years.



Susannah has been riding horses for 13 years, but has had a passion for them her entire life. She has four horses of her own, and specializes in teaching beginner riders, groundwork and basic equine behavior, as well as helping students to gain more trust in themselves and their horses. Her lessons focus on receiving a solid foundation in and out of the saddle, as well as softness and kindness for horse and rider. She is passionate about equine health and management, looking to provide the most natural and beneficial care to all our lesson horses and boarders.