About our Lesson Horses


Dolly has been at Wind Crest for over 16 years and is the unofficial farm mascot. She has taught many people to ride and is universally loved.  She enjoys lots of trails & cookies and an occasional ring lesson. She is safe and trustworthy while also making sure riders are giving their full concentration and attention.


13.3 hand chestnut gelding.

Kody is a lovely, spunky boy. He truly loves his job and is amazing with kids and adults alike. He can be found playing with his slightly larger friend, Fergus.


Will is a smart and sweet horse, with just a bit of Arabian spunk snuck in there. Will is known around the barn for his trademark smile. He prefers to walk all day, but will pick his hooves up out on the trails. He is another who has taught many to ride. He is a fantastic horse when just starting out, or a fun ride for a more advanced rider.


Stella is a sweet and sensitive mare with a wonderful trot and canter. She doesn’t always get along with other horses, but she is gentle and kind with all humans. She is great for intermediate riders learning to be more proficient at the trot and canter. 


Kip is the sweetest boy and the best trail pony. He can be trusted with almost any rider, and has the smoothest gaits of any horse here. He is the true definition of slow and steady! He can usually be found hanging out right next to William.